Third Party Event Policies

Thank you so much for offering to organize a third party event to support our work to prevent and break the cycle of domestic and intimate partner violence. Donations to Hartford Interval House are extremely important and your interest in supporting victims of domestic violence is greatly appreciated.

Hartford Interval House is accountable to the public and Internal Revenue Service for any fundraising activities using the name of Hartford Interval House. To this end, the following guidelines have been developed to serve as standards for those who organize special events, benefits or promotions on behalf of the organization. (Please note that “Sponsor” is the event organizer.)

Event Application and Approval

Please review these Third Party Fundraising Guidelines. After reviewing these guidelines, please complete and submit for approval the Fundraising Event Proposal Form.

Approval by Interval House must be obtained before you advertise or hold your event. Annual events should be registered with Interval House each year.

Marketing and Promotion

Promotions for the event should reflect Interval House as a beneficiary, and not as conducting the event (i.e. “proceeds from XYZ Golf Tournament will benefit Hartford Interval House”).

All promotional materials related to an event benefiting Hartford Interval House must be reviewed and approved by the organization’s Development Office prior to distribution (e.g. flyers, press releases, tickets, brochures, posters, etc.).

The use of the Interval House logo or trademark must be approved by appropriate Interval House management staff.

All references to Hartford Interval House in publicity and promotional materials for the event or promotion should refer to “Hartford Interval House.”

The Sponsor is responsible for all vendor agreements, contracts, insurance and necessary permits for the event. Hartford Interval House will not assume any type of liability for a third-party event, including liability for any injuries sustained by third party event volunteers.

Tax Guidelines and Implications

As a responsible steward of public funds, Hartford Interval House holds to the standard set forth in the Better Business Bureau guidelines. Events held to benefit Hartford Interval House are expected to keep expenses to a minimum.

If Sponsor represents to the public that proceeds will benefit other organizations in addition to Interval House, Sponsor should be prepared to provide access to an accounting of revenues and expenses. If so requested, an accounting and fund distribution will be expected within 60 days after the conclusion of the special event or promotion. Sponsor is responsible for complying with all IRS regulations registrations applicable to the event.

The State of Connecticut (as well as other states), requires registration of all gaming style events including raffles, bingo, casino nights, et al. Charitable game applications for Connecticut can be obtained by writing State of Connecticut, Division of Special Revenue, P.O. Box 310424, Newington CT 06131-0424 or by visiting their website. Visit for information on other states.

Federal tax laws disallow third party events from using Hartford Interval House’s Sales Tax Exemption number or Federal Employer Identification number when purchasing any goods or services from suppliers or vendors.

How we can help you with your events

Hartford Interval House is extremely appreciative of the volunteers who manage third party events to benefit its programs. We are limited in the amount of assistance we can provide a third-party event. Volunteer third-party management of the event or project minimizes the cost per dollar raised for our programs and allows our staff to continue the work they are already doing to support the mission of Interval House.

Hartford Interval House can provide the following:

  • Advice and suggestions on event planning, as time allows
  • Approval of the use of the Interval House name
  • A letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity and intention of the event and its organizers
  • Promotion of your event, when appropriate, to our Interval House community through regular advertising venues such as our website, newsletters and internal communications
  • Acknowledgement of and tax receipts for contributions made payable and submitted to Hartford Interval House

Hartford Interval House is unable to provide the following:

  • Assistance in soliciting donations, handling mailings, attending committee meetings, recruiting attendees or collecting monies
  • Interval House’s tax-exemption number for making any purchases related to your event
  • Guaranteed volunteer, Board Member, or staff attendance at the event
  • Access to donor lists or contacts
  • Responsibility of any nature or kind associated directly or indirectly with the event, including, but not limited to, expenses, purchases, insurance or liability coverage

Post Event Follow Up

We are honored to be contacted by corporations and passionate members of the community that want to lend a hand to help Interval House serve victims of domestic violence. Because of your support and commitment to grassroots fundraising, we are able to continue to strengthen the programs and services that we provide throughout the Hartford region.

Please share your event details, stories, and photos by emailing them to Hailey Boucher at Each fundraiser will have a special place in our heart, and it will be highlighted on our newsletter, our Facebook page,and our website. Good luck with your event. Many thanks for your kindness and generosity!

For any questions, or to submit the event application form or event proceeds, please contact:

Hailey Boucher
Development Office
Hartford Interval House
Attn: Third-Party Fundraising/<<event name>>
P.O. Box 340207
Hartford, CT 06134-0207
860-246-9149, x313

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