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Help us help our community!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Interval House! Please complete our volunteer application. We will be in touch within one business week.


 Volunteer Opportunities (when applicable)


If you are a lawyer, consultant, electrician, handyman, or other expert who is willing to donate your time and skills to help Interval House, we would love to consider working with you. As a non-profit, we aim to direct as much of our revenue to helping our clients as possible, so having a roster of “pro bono” helpers is critical to our mission.


Direct Service volunteers assist with crisis and hotline counseling, facilitate support groups, work with the children’s program, and help in the safety and healing process of our Safe House residents. Following the interview process and a successful background check, each direct service volunteer must complete 40 hours of training to be certified as a Domestic Violence Counselor.

SPEAKERS BUREAU - to resume in 2023

Interval House relies on volunteer speakers to help us reach the 24 towns we serve. After successful completion of training, volunteers are prepared to speak about Interval House and the dynamics of domestic violence, and make presentations at select public events. This program is under the direction of the Community Convener and all speaking engagements must be approved in advance.

24-Hour Hotline: 860-838-8467 English | 844-831-9200 Spanish