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Civil Court

Interval House is giving a vioce

Civil CourtCivil Court Building
90 Washington Street, Hartford, CT

Interval House court advocates help with civil court matters, educate victims and advocate for them within the system. We do not offer legal advice. Advocates can help with:

  • Getting an attorney
  • Restraining orders
  • Understanding custody, visitation rights, and divorce
  • Moral support and community referrals


CT Judicial Webform
Application for Relief from Abuse (Restraining Order)
Custody/Visitation Application
Divorce Complaint (Dissolution of Marriage) [Spanish]
Motion for Intervention in Family Matters (Custody/Visitation)
Affidavit Concerning Children
Relief From Abuse Process Brochure
Confidential Request for Notification of Status of Inmate
Connecticut Judicial Website

24-Hour Hotline: 860-838-8467 English | 844-831-9200 Spanish